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Welcome to!

"It's been a looooonnng time comin'... but I knooooow change gon' come!"

Welp! It's finally here! My own personal training website - SNELLYVILLEFITNESS.COM- where I can TRULY service THE PEOPLE, over corporations!

It's only fitting that I announce and launch this site from the "tainted bottoms" of the East River NYC! Strong societal currents, glass-cutting rejection, and rocky corporate business practices have led me to start my own Private Training Platform where I can focus on your fitness goals and avoid the pressure of quotas and product sales! While I am prepared to help people of all abilities, I want give a viable option to those who want to enjoy fitness outside of the "Gym Culture." I am very excited about the "Washed-Up Corner" Blog! Highlighting my "Almost Professional" football career for you future athletes, discussing Health & Fitness topics in Snellyville-style, and promoting my latest YouTube Video releases will surely entertain you!

Again, welcome to!

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