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About Snellyville

From adolescence to adulthood, sports and fitness has been my healthy escape from a tough and unpredictable world. Before learning the scientific benefits of exercise, I used sports and fitness as a way to get outside and take out life's frustrations in a healthy, controlled environment. Whether it's on an athletic field, a track, or gym environment; training and coaching has given me a sense of purpose.


Today, I’ve been fortunate to turn my passion for Sports and Fitness into an independent fitness platform - Snellyville Fitness!  As a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, I am dedicated to getting you to your fitness goals in fun, creative ways!

I will provide professional Private Training Sessions (NYC Only!), Virtual Training, Sports Performance Training (NYC ONLY), a Blog, and a Youtube channel with pre-made circuits to express my musical and visual creativity!

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Let's Get To Work!

David Snell

NASM Certified Personal Trainer


Nutrition Coach 

Founder of Snellyville Fitness

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