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"How You Eating?!" Exploring the Nutrition in Snellyville!

Updated: Apr 16

This question is clearly not a new one! From a child, we have been brainwashed with versions of "healthy eating" by family members, schools, television, and social media. Before we get to the serious topics of nutrition... Let's have fun with some of my favorite "quotes" concerning food!

"Soul Food is the reason this family has been 'built like oxen' for generations!"

"You know that pork gon' kill ya!"

"Better drink your milk if you want muscles!"

"If you are not 100% plant-based by now, then you must not care about the planet!"

The main themes I'd highlight with these statements are cultural capitulation; focus on unreasonable, superficial image outcomes; and societal shaming! Culture dictates more than just how we eat. It defines the music we listen to, the clothes we wear, and the social events we attend. However, it is no surprise that the food we eat is tied to all those aspects. I mean...What's a good party if we aren't dressed to impress... dancing... surrounded by a great, culinary spread?!

The focus on unreasonable, superficial image outcomes has greatly influenced our eating habits with countless ads for food products on television, magazines, and social media. Just eating 4 servings of this fruit will make your skin glow! Buy this grass-fed protein for maximal muscle growth! This diet is the only way to a beach bod! If only it were that easy! America, with all of its resources, wouldn't be one of the most obese countries on the planet! So let's explore some other influences on nutrition that we DO have control over but tend to take the easy way out!

Bread Ad from Promise Company

"There's No Time! There's Never Enough Time..!" is the beginning of the classic rant from character, Jessie Spano, on the show Saved By The Bell. In this episode, Jessie resorts to taking stimulant pills to compensate for her lack of sleep due to her exam studies and band practice. Sadly, this theme has become almost ingrained in our psyches! "I'm too busy for the healthy nutritional options, so I'll just order my favorite takeout and worry about the effects down the road!" While I understand the time-crunch of keeping up with life's expectations is real; so are the effects of running yourself into the ground without replenishing the essential macro- and micronutrients! Let's be honest! Eating out or ordering in rarely screams "Pick the healthiest option!" Many times, the decision is based on whatever can get in your belly, and full, the quickest! For those who are more inclined to prepare a meal at home, one may rely on processed foods, Just-Add-Water meals, or use unhealthy cooking methods because it seems to save time! Future posts will explore solutions to the "Time-Crunch" obstacles of nutrition!

Does Your Freezer Look Like This?!

For many of you, time may not be the biggest issue. Some of you may make time to cook as a way to decompress from the day, avoid food allergies, or because it may be less expensive! Which leads us to the elephant that is ALWAYS in the room.... THE COST OF NUTRITION!

"Yeah, eating out is expensive... but so is buying the 'healthy stuff' at the grocery store!" While inflation is rearing its ugly head everywhere, I still think we live in a world where it's cheaper to buy the groceries ourselves on a per meal, over time. It goes without saying, that the most affordable foods in the grocery store are the least nutritional. On the contrary, the most nutritious foods on the perimeter of the store have hefty price tags! Finding a balance of these ingredients can minimize these financial challenges without totally sacrificing the nutrients your body needs! Again, future posts will explore solutions to making nutrition affordable for all!

Whoa! Is this a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly grocery bill in your household?!

Do Your Dinner Plans End Like This?!

Lastly, I want to chew on the idea of options. You have the time and the budget is looking right this month! Now, what are the healthiest options? This challenge still looks different for everybody depending on where they live. Agricultural and shipping technologies have allowed for most foods to be widely available despite the season. My observation as I move through different communities throughout the United States is that healthier foods are more prevalent in the richer, less-populated, "white-er" areas. This means for many, getting the healthiest options means leaving your neighborhoods to the 'good grocery store'; or waiting for farmers' markets or food charities to roll through yours! If you have a good grocery with a great produce section, questions still arise. Do I get the frozen spinach? the pre-bagged spinach? Whole-leaf bunch of spinach? the organic spinach? What to Choose!!!

Understanding your obstacles is always the first step to your nutritional journey! Snellyville is here to help you, not only to address the obstacles, but get the best nutritional solutions to you!

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