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Snellyville Tips! It's not just an Ab Roller!

For many people, there is a period in life when one looks in the mirror and says "THAT'S IT! I MUST DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!" Just then, you see back-to-back TV commercials for the "Hottest, Latest Fitness Equipment!" Now, with smart devices, one search for "Home Gym Equipment" will have you down a fitness rabbit hole. Unfortunately, that energy soon fades! Once the equipment arrives, it becomes a clothes rack or dust-collecting clutter. Welp! It's time to dust that equipment off and make them work for you!

I grew up in the era of "8-minute Abs" and mass marketing of Ab Rollers. "Just 5 minutes a day" got many to the sale but clearly they were not being used! (It's only shade if you can't take the light!) Whether you have an ab roller buried in a hoard or walk past them at the gym, this post is for you!

Below is a quick video with tips on how to make a seemingly boring ab roller more useful and fun.

Enjoy the evening Lower East Side vibe and Subscribe for more tips!

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