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Bicycle Built for One!

Biking in New York City and Bike Stretches


It's the middle of the 'Rona Lockdown! Fortunately, and unfortunately, I was an "essential worker" at a major New York City hospital as a rehabilitation assistant. While I was happy with continuing collecting a paycheck, nothing else seemed to be consistent or dependable. Constantly changing policies, work schedules, and even "job deployment" to completely new titles left Snellyville in a whirlwind! I needed something where I can take back a little freedom and have a healthy escape! I KNOW... I'LL BUY A BIKE!

(Lower East Side, North View)

As my partner and I soon found out, this was not a novel idea! Bike shop after bike shop echoed these words "I'm sorry, all of these bikes are sold" or "These bikes are on back order!" We were not against ordering bikes online, but for what we were willing to invest, we wanted to make sure it was the right fit for our body size. Luckily, Tony's Bike Shop in Astoria came to the rescue! They had two bikes left and they were the sizes we needed. As the bikes were rolled out, my partner and I looked at each other and laughed. In a thick Queens accent, he confirmed. "Yea so the sizes you need are in the same model!" At no point in our then 10 year relationship have we ever played "TWINZIES!" But we put our egos aside and made the purchase!

(Randall's Island view to Manhattan)

Having more control of my commute was a game changer when it came to being mentally ready for the day. I can control my route and pace. Do I take the Queensboro Bridge? Or do I allow myself a little extra time and take the Williamsburg Bridge and really get the endorphins going! I would also, at times, make the commute my cardio and shed time at the gym.

(Williamsburg, Brooklyn NYC)

Not only did my bike allow me to improve my commute, it also allowed me to easily explore neighborhoods I'd other never go to. From Forest Hills, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to Harlem... there's never an identical ride! The different sites and sounds of cultural activities will have you forgetting that you are exercising. My favorite part of the many rides is the mid-ride snack at the local restaurants. Burning calories to enjoy calories!

(Randall's Island, view to Astoria)

Lastly, owning a bike has allowed me to enjoy all the benefits of nature in the Concrete Jungle! At this point, there are bike paths to every major park in NYC. Corona Park (Queens) Central Park, Prospect Park (Brooklyn), Hudson Greenway all have bike lanes seeming right from my door! Being originally raised in the suburbs of New Jersey, I feel most at-home surrounded by trees and bird sounds. Whenever the city seems too loud, crazy, or crowded - it's time to hop on the bike and get that 90's mix going!

(Prospect Park, Brooklyn)

The fitness benefits of cycling is undeniable. Being a low-impact mode of exercise, it is an easy way for anyone of any conditioning level to get cardio training! Wind and hills create natural resistance. Maneuvering through a busy crowded city can heighten one's awareness and reaction time. Many times, one will see bike groups zooming by pushing each other! Now with fitness trackers and bike maps, it is easier than ever to plan a ride route and gauge the pace at which you ride.

(Night Ride to Williamsburg Bridge, Brooklyn)

If you are looking for a way to start your fitness journey, I would definitely look into a quality bike. It may seem like an expensive leap but I guarantee you won't be disappointed! Snellyville has never been the same since!

Below is a link to my "Best Bike Ride Stretches" Youtube Video! As with any exercise, it is very important to stretch throughout. Biking, while great for cardio, can be restrictive with prolonged anterior posture and limited range of motion. My video shows static, active, and dynamic stretches that will help reverse some of these muscle imbalances. Take a look and Enjoy the Ride!

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